The employees and officers of this company are well-versed in assessing the condition of cars, trucks, and vans.  They know how to remove your vehicle in such a way that it will not disturb your property or lawn. They are knowledgeable in the calculating the fair price for used and junked cars.  They are skilled in the recycling and proper disposal of damaged vehicles.

You will be impressed and pleased with the level of professionalism shown by all the members of the SellMyUsedAZCarAndTruck team.

The process is quick and easy.

  • Call for a quote
  • Show your title to the representative who comes for pick-up
  • You are paid and the vehicle is driven away

No matter the size, model, amount of damage, or the appearance, they will get that junk car out of your way today.  Solving problems is what SellMyUsedAZCarAndTruck is best at doing.  They are as good as their word.  They are tried and true.  Let them do the work for you.  You won’t be sorry.