Selling you old car for cash is a quick, easy and convenient way to dispose of a vehicle. It does not matter the condition of the car or the make, model and year of the car. The car just needs to be located in Glendale or any of the suburbs that is the only prerequisite. The vehicle can be a car, truck, van, or 4×4. The vehicle can be something old and not worth a repair bill or it might be a vehicle that might have been the victim of an accident.

SellMyUsedAZCarAndTruck will pay cash on the spot and it might be anywhere from a small fund to a large sum. The SellMyUsedAZCarAndTruck will remove the vehicle from your property at no fee which means the agreed upon price is the price you will be paid.

Most SellMyUsedAZCarAndTruck will tow or remove the car or vehicle at no cost. There are some who will charge a removal fee to tow the vehicle. Depending on where the destination is, mileage may apply.